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Drawing inspiration from her South African roots and her love of nature, Amy works with vibrant, rich colour palettes and textures to create her contemporary, abstract works. Her home studio on the Northern Beaches of Sydney adds a relaxed atmosphere which allows her the freedom and time to express her creativity.

She spent many years working in Interior Design, primarily in the manufacturing of soft furnishings suitable for luxury yachts and homes. After having her children, she decided to trade in the scissors and fabrics for her first true love, that of canvas, paint and brushes.  ​

Amy can be commissioned to create individual works in virtually any colour or size.

Simply get in touch!

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"I love my studio and a big blank canvas,  allowing myself to be creative and free within the process. Painting takes me to a calm place and on an exciting yet gentle journey and I adore the feeling of freedom and balance that can be achieved within my work. Flowers, leaves, wings, oceans, sunrises and moonrises often make an appearance in my paintings. I am an organic artist and a nature lover. I like to create one off original paintings only.  That way each one has its own little magic". 

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